T-Rex Slots

Are you ready to entertain yourself with a truly dinomite online slot machine game? Then take a huge step back in time to the amazing Jurassic age with T-Rex Slots from developer Real Time Gaming (RTG). During this Jurassic era, dinosaurs where the absolute rulers of a very different looking mother earth. These vicious and powerful creatures dominated all the life forms in the sea, in the air and of course on land. There was one particular land based dino that ruled over all the others. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) was a huge, flesh-eating creature that managed to put fear in the minds of all the other dinosaurs. This legendary creature really manages to trigger the imagination of many dinosaur enthusiasts. Therefore, it has earned itself a prime roll in many Jurassic themed movies, series and books. Now it also functions as a wild symbol in an adventurous video slot title.

Dangerous But Lucrative

T-Rex Slots might scare you a little bit sometimes, because the dinosaurs and their tough environment really come to live in this exciting slot title. For obvious reasons, it is wise to stay unnoticed while you roam around in the Jurassic landscapes. However, big and dangerous challenges often provide equally big rewards. If you manage not to get eaten, then you have the lucrative opportunity to devour huge chomps of treasures that can be found everywhere in these dino infested lands. Spin the 5 available reels and follow the paths of the 25 pay lines in search for the valuable symbols that help you to become very wealthy. If you are really lucky, then you might also be surprised by a large and randomly triggered progressive jackpot during your adventures in dinosaur land.

Expect A High Quality Jurassic Gambling Experience

T-Rex Slots is a creation from Real Time Gaming. This means that you definitely can expect a high quality gaming experience when you spin the reels of this slot title. The graphics in this title are great and the sounds of the game definitely make the whole experience more realistic. You will also notice that the game play is fast and smooth.

A tropical landscape is neatly displayed on the background of the screen. You will feel very excited, because you are going to enter this landscape with its strange plants, erupting volcanoes and hatching eggs (scatter symbols). During your adventure, you will marvel at all the strange creatures that roam the landscape in search for some tasty bites of food.

Trigger All Your Senses With T-Rex Slots

T-Rex Slots is constantly triggering all your senses with its amazing dinosaur themed elements, but also with all of its lucrative winning opportunities and cash prizes. Therefore, you will not quickly encounter boring and uninteresting situations in this ferociously good RTG slot title creation that offers a truly wild gambling experience.