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A new feature Raging Bull casino is pulling off this year are tournaments, online slots tourneys. A few tournaments have been launched since March 2015, although the site does not publicise them regularly, mostly these tournaments are promoted on forums and chat rooms, but soon enough Raging Bull will post them on the site.

What Are the Tournaments About?

The online slot tourneys invite users to enter the competition by sending your username to a specific email, sometimes the entry demands a fee but sometimes they are free rolls.

The goal of the tournament is to score the most coins to win the first prize, the following 4 to 5 users might get some part of the prize pool. The top winner could win hundreds of dollars for an entry fee of just $5 dollars.

The main difference about a casino tournament and regular playing is that players only pay for the entry fee, any wagering on the slot machine is play money. A player only wins if he scores more coins than all other rivals. So in this scenario players are competing against each other instead of the casino odds. A much better risk reward ratio.

Things You Should Know About Tournaments

Entry Fee – All tournaments have a small entry fee unless they are freerolls.

Start Time and Duration – All tourneys have a starting time and end time. They could last for a week or 5 minutes, so it depends on a player how much time a day does he want to dedicate to play. Remember the one with the most coins at the end wins.

Buy-ins – Every tournament states how many buy ins they are and if they have a cost or not. If a player losses all his coins during the challenge he can purchase a buy-in to get back into action.

Add-Ons – Add-ons are additional coins to your tourney account. They come at a cost and have a limit.

Rules – Read the rules of tournament to make sure you are not infringing any of them. Sometimes your playing strategy might go against the rules. For example, partnering up with other players, multiple accounts etc.

Tournament Strategy

There isn´t much in terms of strategy when it comes to online slots but there are a few things a player can master to increase his performance, after all he is playing against fellow humans and not the machine.

  • Manage your Bankroll – Knowing how to spend your coins wisely can keep you in the game longer.
  • Play Hard – There is a limit of how much you can lose, so play hard so when a bonus round is triggered you will be handsomely rewarded.
  • Time of Play – Do not think that more is better. The odds of losing on slot games increase the more you play, it is how they are designed. So manage when to play and make the most of it during that time.

Raging Bull Free Roll Tournaments

$500 in pot minimum shared between the first 5 players, although the freeroll pot might increase as more players enter the contest. Tournament Name: EXCLUSIVE $500 USD FREEROLL 2,000 players max Entry Fee: FREE Prizepool: Guaranteed Minimum $500 Prizepool Breakdown: TOP 5 positions Initial Playtime: 10 Minutes with 10,000 credits Game: Count Spectacular Start Date: April 15, 2015 Duration: 31 days

Additional info

Addons: 100 Addon’s Addon time: 5 min with 5,000 credits Addon cost: $1.10 Re-buys: 10 Addon’s Re-buy time: 10 min with 10,000 credits Re-buy cost: $2.20

Regular Tournament

Buy-in to the tournament for $5,00 and receive 10 FREE Addon's Tournament Name: USD5 BUYIN WITH 10 FREE ADDON´S Prizepool: $100 guranteed to top 4 positions Initial Playtime: 5 minutes with 5,000 credits Game: Triple Twister Start Date: March 30th Duration: 7 days Addons: 10 free addons Addon Time: 3 min with 3,000 credits Addon Cost: Free Rebuy Time: 5 minutes with 5,000 credits Rebuy Cost: $2,75 Player Limit: 1,000 players

Tournament Alert!

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