Halloween RTG Slots

Halloween is not exactly a holiday - but practically everyone celebrates it so why not try your hand at these slots. Real Time Gaming has spared little expense in bringing the following pokeys to your front door - with the best thing about online casinos being that you needn't leave your house to play. Check them out at your earliest convenience.

Bubble Bubble Slots

Halloween may not be quite here yet - unless you're reading this in the late fall - but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ghouls and ghasts and try to score some points on this riveting Real Time Gaming creation. For you real cash gamers out there, the betting starts at a measly penny and goes up to 25 cents - which means you can wager quite a bit on this 5 reel, 50 payline monstrosity.

As for the symbols in Bubble Bubble Slots, you'll find artistic icons in the form of skulls, bottles of red potion, a roiling cauldron, a magic wand, Winnie the Witch, a scarecrow icon, a rat and an open spell book. The pay table tells you all you need to know about how valuable these are when they appear in combinations. Play the Flash version for free, or download RTG's Bubble Bubble Slots today.

Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

Bubble Bubble 2 is obviously the sequel to the massively successful first venture. The Halloween holiday's favorite pokey is back, and Bubble Bubble 2 Slots has increased the number of goodies that are available in this follow-up to a fan favorite. Since much of the game board layout is the same, we'll dive right into the symbol combo values to whet your appetite for the download version.

The first symbol is a black cat - this is the Winnie the Witch's familiar, and five of a kind is worth a 1000 coin reward. If the wild Winnie symbol also shows up, she triples this value to 3000 coins. Another high-paying symbol in Bubble Bubble 2 Slots is the crow bird; five of this leads to a 1000 coin payout, as well. Next is the bloated toady symbol; five of them are worth 333 coins - 999 coins if a substitution is made. The remaining low-paying symbols come in multiples, and the pumpkin icon and spellbook is worth 333 for five of either. The orb, the pink mist and the jar of eyeballs symbols are, for five of a kind, worth 150 coins. The final set of symbols includes a pair of molten wax candles, a skull and a giant tarantula - five of either gets you 99 coins. Winnie improves this payout to 297 in the five of a kind slot. Take a chance on Bubble Bubble 2 Slots from RTG: we promise that it measures up to the prequel.

Count Spectacular Slots

With 5 reels and 25 paylines of spooky, holiday-themed fun, Count Spectacular Slots is a Real Time Gaming special that is inviting to both the novice and the veteran alike. So what's so cool about it? Even if you choose the fun money Flash version, you will be delighted by the animations and zany characters of a cartoonish Count Dracula's realm. The scatters and wild symbols will reveal much of what the pokey has to offer for the real money player, and the scatter-derived Feature Game may give you the opportunity to extend your winning streak. Count Spectacular has to show up on the 1st and the 5th reels in order for the Bonus Feature to activate; thereafter, you pick whether you want re-spins as the prize, or the 12 free games that are in store.

Count Spectacular himself, for five of a kind, is worth a 10,000 coin payout - which is huge, in addition to his abilities as the Wild icon. He can replace nearly any other icon in the game except for the scattered Castle, which delivers a 200x payout for five of a kind. If three Castle symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you are transported to the afore-mentioned Bonus Feature. As for the top regular symbols, we start off with the Blonde Princess (she's looking to be rescued, as usual); five of her on the reels equals a 2500 coin payout. The other symbols are the kinds of things you expect to find in a graveyard; they pay out handsomely, as well - down to the final two, which is a lavender mirror icon and a lantern at 100 coins for five of a kind.

Goblin's Treasure Slots

The riches of the underworld can be yours if luck smiles your way; RTG's Goblin's Treasure slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline whale of a slot that has a couple of random jackpots embedded inside it, as well as a quintuplet of multiplying wilds and free games galore. There's even a so-called win-win feature that ensures you a victory - if all you've racked up are losses straight for a time. The minimum wager for real money gamers is 25 cents and the max is $25 per game; this goes for those who keep all 25 paylines active. The Minor Jackpot is worth in the hundreds of dollars, whereas the Major jackpot can net you in the thousands.

As for the symbols, the first bonus symbols are the Substitute Goblin and the Wild Treasure Chest; they can replace all non-scatter icons to help complete a winning payline. The scatter is the spooky castle, and it is worth a 200x payout for five of a kind. The first non-bonus symbol is the Ogre - five of these at the same time gets the player a 1000 coin payout, which is increased to a whopping 10,000 coins if the Wild Goblins appear as well. There are not poker card suits in Goblin's Treasure Slots; the game concludes its symbol combo payouts with a goblin helmet, a sword and a buckler shield. This medieval fantasy Real Time Gaming pokey is loads of fun - download now.

Orc vs. Elf Slots

A very special 3D pokey from none other than Real Time Gaming, Orc vs Elf Slots has 5 reels and the obligatory 25 paylines for a slot of the bigger variety. The theme is obviously of a fantasy type; moreover, it is reminiscent of Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. There's a lot to like about this one; from the expanding wild icons to the bonus features and free spins. You can bet between $0.25 and $25 per game if you keep all paylines active - which is the recommended option; to control spending, vary the coin denominations between the allotted penny and $10 per line.

Orc vs. Elf Slots has two wild symbols - an orc, obviously, and an elf. Respectively, they show up on the 1st and the 5th reels to expand and complete applicable winning combinations. They cannot, however, replace the scattered orc shield, elf buckler or entitled "Battle Bonus!" icons. With three scatter symbols in this pokey, you've got plenty of opportunities to gather up free spins in the bonus features.

As for the symbol combo values, the castles take the cake: for five of a kind, each of them gets you a 1000 coin payout. Next in line are the wolf symbol and the unicorns symbol; five of either gets the player a 500 coin payout. Batched together are the white lotus and the troupe banner; for five on the reels, you win 250 coins. Counting down to the final symbols, we have the skulls and the blue elf crystal of power symbols - they are worth 200 coins for five of a kind of either one. The final symbols in RTGs Orc vs. Elf Slots are the ship and the lighted cave; five of either gets you 125 coins.