Christmas RTG Slots

Everyone's favorite holiday can be as festive as ever if you aim to spend it online, playing your themed slots from Real Time Gaming. Rudolph has come back with a vengeance, as you'll see in the following Christmas-themed pokeys. Download to maximize your fun, or play in Firefox or Chrome on your mobile device to play solely for fun.

Rudolph’s Revenge Slots

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is back like you've never seen him before - he's not pulling any punches in his impromptu war with Santa Claus! Apparently, Rudolph and his merry crew are all but fed-up with the Jolly Red Giant's schedule of overworking his dumb beasts as winter rolls around every year. It's a thankless job in which they do all the work, but Santa Claus gets the milk and cookies and fame and fortune and renown. This zany slot is quite a handful, and you will love the jaw-dropping graphics and gameplay. With 5 reels and 50 gigantic paylines, Rudolph and his brethren are prepared to wage war against their thankless master using Christmas bombs and Winter missiles. You'll give a hoot as the symbols align to deliver impressive payouts. Speaking of payouts, Rudolph functions as a substitute symbol that doubles the payout, which means five of a kind gets you a life-changing 6000 coins (with the dollar amount dependent on the coin denomination you choose). The other symbols include elves and reindeer traipsing about the screen in great animations. Download and play to learn more about Rudolph's Revenge Slots from RTG.

Santa Strikes Back Slots

Out of all the magnificent video slots in cyberspace; few can hold a torch to the visual awesomeness of Real Time Gaming's Santa Strikes Back Slots. It is simply lovely to behold, and presents an adequate 5 reels, 25 paylines to go along with the visual effect. You can expect wild symbols, free spins, scatters and a progressive jackpot to go along with all the other goodies that it's got in store. The substitute symbol is none other than an armed Santa Claus, who is wielding a bastard sword in his left hand! Yep - it's Santa like you've never seen him before, looking to put his reindeer back in line. He can pay out up to 1000 coins in the real money game. The scatter symbols cannot be replaced by the sword-wielding Santa wild, and it can deliver a 500x max payout (with x being your real money wager). What's not to like? Santa Strike Back Slots has a triple feature that helps you acquire even more free spins. Download tonight.

Santastic Slots

Winter time is far away (unless you happen to be reading this short review in late November) - but the time is always right to try your hand at Real Time Gaming's Santastic Slots. Exuding a smallish size with just 3 reels and 5 paylines, you might mistake it for a Classic Slots at first glance. Of course, the number of paylines disqualify it from that classification. Plus, you can wager between 10 cents and $1.00 per payline for a chance at a respectable payout. To help you along the way, there's a Double Stocking Wild symbol as well as a Triple Stocking Wild symbol that improves payouts considerably. In lieu of a scatter symbol, Santastic Slots has an Extra Jackpot Chance Feature that can deliver free spins as well as, potentially, the games progressive jackpot. The follow-up feature is known as the Santastic Slots Festive Feast, and it can blast your payout to the skies with a 2500x improvement of your wager. Check this game out and see what the symbol combinations have to offer.

Swindle All the Way Slots

This is yet another entry into the exhilarating Rudolph's Revenge series, but with a different take: burglars are here to take away the Christmas festivities right out of the hands of the little ones. These stocking stuffer miscreants have a hideout somewhere, and they plan on taking everyone's gifts for their own pleasure. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, there are plenty of ways to win and stop their nefarious plans; using the scatter symbol, wild symbol and bonus features to pad your own pockets - assuming you download the casino software and play for real money. As a progressive pokey, Swindle All the Way Slots pays out 2500 coins for five of a kind of the Wild burglar symbols, and 250x for five of a kind of the Swindle All the Way game symbol. The other symbols on the reels include Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer, a red bag entitled "Loot", a glass of milk and cookies, a red stocking, a newspaper and the poker card suits from 9 through Ace. Download Swindle All the Way Slots today for a chance at riches.

The Elf Wars Slots

War is in the air at the north Pole; Santa and his elves are battling against the once-loyal reindeer. In a brilliantly-detailed extension of the rudolph pokey series, The Elf Wars Slots expands things dramatically with its 5 reels and 50 paylines of amazing play. The betting range is considerable, too, starting at $0.10 and ending at an impressive $10.00. Indeed; if you're a high roller you can go ahead and drop $50 credits for every single spin to increase your potential symbol combination payouts - especially on the scatter symbol, which pays out a multiple of your wager.

Speaking of scatter symbols, there are two of them: the Good Elves scatter and the Bad Elves scatter. They can multiply your winnings by a factor of up to 100x. The wild symbol makes substitutions and helps complete winning paylines; the prizes really begin to add up if you use the scatters to unlock the Elf Wars Pick Me Feature. There's a progressive jackpot in this game, too, so don't forget to spin those reels to your heart's content for a better shot at unlocking it. Download Elf Wars to learn more, and to have a grand time gaming.