Cash Bandits 2 Slots

The bandits are back in town and they are craving for more cash. If that counts for you as well, then join the team and participate in more fun and profitable spinning heists in Cash Bandits 2 Slots. This game is a follow up title to the beloved Cash Bandits Slots from developer Realtime Gaming (RTG). Just like its predecessor, it invites you to come and play on the bad side of the law. However, don't worry that there will be any consequences in terms of doing jail time, because you will experience all the robbery fun from the safety of your game screen. So get ready to spin bandit themed symbols on the reels, and grab all the money that you can grab during the process.

Spin Themed Non-Feature Symbols on the Reels

The game's non-feature symbols are the kind of icons you can expect when you play a robbery themed slot title. On the paytable, you will see a police officer, a scared lady with her hands raised, a bank building, the key for the safe, a police badge, a wanted poster, an alarm bell, a pile of cash, a bag of cash, handcuffs, a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Although you normally might not want to run into him during a heist or any criminal activity, you will like to see the police officer on the reels of this game, because he brings along a top reward of 2000 when you spin him into a combination of five.

Make Your Symbol Combinations Complete with the Grouped Wild

This game has a Cash Bandits 2 symbol that functions as the grouped wild. The grouped wild is there to replace other symbols so that combinations can be completed. The wild is able to replace every symbol as long as it is not a robber scatter icon. In addition, you can also use the wild icon to fill your pockets with a 5000 prize. That reward is yours when you make a combination of 5 wild symbols.

Free Games and Multiplier Rewards Await You in the Vault Feature

The picture of a robber functions as the game's scatter icon. This scatter icon will lead you to the vault feature when you spin it at least three times on the reels during a game. If you have played the previous version of Cash Bandits, then the available vault feature in this game will look familiar to you. If that is the case, then there is a good reason to get excited, because you know that free games and multiplier rewards await you.

Break the Law and the Bank with Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Get ready to break the law and the bank with Cash Bandits 2 Slots. You can find this criminally good slot machine title in the entertainment collections of Realtime Gaming casino websites. Play it there for real money so that you can win profits, including a progressive jackpot reward, or enjoy the game for free if you first like to practice or just like to have a good spinning time with fun credits.