Swindle all the Way Slots

Well, the bells part doesn't work does it, but the title is clearly a twist on that popular Christmas song. It also gives us a clue to what is happening here - namely that some robbers are keen on stealing whatever they can during the game. But will those robbers turn out to be useful to us as we play this game, or will we be disappointed to see them?

There are lots of Christmas-themed slots around, and you might think you have seen all the variations on that theme before. But this one is certainly different, and we think you will have some fun with it.

Reels and win lines

There is nothing unusual about this format, as we get five reels and 25 lines in play.

Coin values

With a one-cent minimum, the Swindle All the Way slot does qualify as a penny slot. The top-whack bet is lower than you might think too, at just $6.25.

Special icons in play in Swindle All the Way

We thought the robbers would show up somewhere, and they appear together as the wild. They cannot replace the scatter, which appears as the logo for this title, but they are good for replacing everything else.

Can you access any bonus features in this slot game?

You need at least three logos to trigger the bonus feature. A series of windows will appear, and you can choose them to try and locate the two robbers. If you found more than three scatters, you can choose more windows.

Once this part of the bonus is complete, some free games are granted. The more robbers you managed to find, the more free games you are given. The other perk is that you get a higher multiplier for the free games if you had more success finding those pesky robbers.

Download, play, and have fun with the Swindle All the Way slot today!

While this game does feature some unscrupulous robbers, it does have some fun with the theme. You also get the benefit of some nice colorful graphics, and it is constantly snowing in the background too. That lends a festive feel to the slot, along with some twinkling lights and warm-looking houses.

So, if you are ready to try and find some great prizes in Swindle All the Way, why not try it now - even if it isn't Christmas yet?