Sunken Treasure Slots

Throughout history, many treasure hunting sailors defied the dangerous oceans in search for gems, gold and other valuable metals. Some of them where successful and loaded their ships with legendary treasures. However, the sea gives and the sea takes. Unfortunately, a lot of unlucky sailors did not manage to bring their treasures safely back home. They encountered various problems on the way back to the safe harbor, and many of these treacherous obstacles proved to be fatal for their ships. As a result of these catastrophes, the vast and deep ocean now hides a tremendous amount of unimaginably valuable treasures that need to be found and claimed once again. Claiming these valuables is now your task in Sunken Treasure Slots from casino game development house Real Time Gaming (RTG). While playing this game, you benefit from one convenience that many historic prize hunters did not have before you, and that is the advantage of modern diving accessories. These diving appliances make it possible for you to safely and comfortable search the seabed for all sorts of shiny objects. Set out the 20 diving lines and dive 5 reels deep into the ocean in search of those sunken fortunes.

Valuable Symbols Of The Deep

Search for sunken ships while you are out there at the bottom of the ocean. This ship functions as the scatter symbol. At least three scatters trigger the special bonus round. This bonus feature definitely makes your treasure hunting hart beat faster, because it royally awards you with cash prizes and free spins. You can also receive a complete return of your wager if you spin just two scatter icons. A diver symbol functions as the wild. This wild has the ability to act as a substitute for the other Sunken Treasure Slots symbols. However, it is not a substitute for the scatter icon. You receive double cash prizes when the deep sea diver emerges on a winning slot reel combination.

Become A Rich And Brave Sea Explorer With Sunken Treasure Slots

Hidden riches have always attracted brave treasure hunters and explorers. During their explorations, they often faced great dangers in the forms of high waves due to storms, cannon firing enemy ships and the hungry ocean-dwelling Kraken sea monster. As a modern day treasure hunter, you have the luck that you can avoid these inconveniences, because this marine and deep sea diving themed game comfortably lets you search the seabed from behind your desktop device. At the same time, you will still feel the exciting thrill of the fortune hunt. Sunken Treasure Slots is a chance-based video slot title. This means that you can already feel the sweet, or probably salty in this case, taste of success on your very first adventurous treasure hunting dive.