Sevens and Stripes Slots

Many gamblers see the number seven as a symbol of luck and fortune. They are certainly right about that when they play Sevens and Stripes Slots. The number seven is definitely a cash triggering icon in this patriotic game. All a player has to do is sit back and spin the slot machine reels. The familiar Stars and Stripes colors will then hit the screen. A win line of red, white and blue sevens is able to trigger such a large jackpot that it will motivate every player to faithfully pledge allegiance to this Sevens And Stripes slot game. Start to spin today and collect those valuable winning sevens in this classic three reel and one pay line slot title from casino game house Real Time Gaming.

Features In The Game

Sevens and Stripes Slots is an easy to understand and straightforward game. It focuses on a classic setup and therefore it does not have any features like free spins rounds, scatters, wilds or bonus rounds. Players only need to decide how much they want to bet and then they can conveniently hit the spin button. The way to make cash winnings in this title, is by matching and lining up the game symbols, like for example the red, white and blue combination of sevens.

Bet Amounts And Winnings

The lowest available betting amount is $0.05 and the highest betting value is $5.00. The maximum wager per spin is three coins. That means that $15 is the highest bet that gamblers are able to place on this slot machine. This relatively low amount helps them to keep control of their budget. That is especially a nice benefit for new players who enjoy this game and like to be able to play it for many hours, without running the risk of losing all their money. The two available jackpots are worth 10.000 coins and 5000 coins.

Sevens And Stripes Slots Offers Lucky Numbers And Cash Winnings That Are Easy To Collect

All in all, Sevens and Stripes Slots is a delightful title that has a user friendly interface and easy game play functions, which makes it a suitable casino game for new players and for seasoned gamblers who just like to relax and spin the reels of an uncomplicated online slot machine. It is playable via a downloadable version or instantly via a browser based flash version.