Medal Tally Slots

Medal Tally is everything one would expect from a sports-themed slot game. The premise is simple, the more medals you collect, the more you win. Pretty straightforward right? Well, not quite. There are several different sports represented here, mainly athletics and the character Symbols reflect that. The wagering options are pretty broad-based and easily controlled with intuitive, on-screen game buttons. The theme is beautifully designed to be immersive as well as atmospheric, you get maximum pleasure out of your gaming experience. The special features add something extra, and the mobile version of the game provides another option to play the game. Let’s take a closer look at Medal Tally slots, shall we?

Betting Medals & Game Controls

That's it. Win as many as you can. The layout of Medal Tally is a well-established format used extensively, which adds familiarity and tranquillity. There are 5 Reels and 25 Pay Lines to choose from when wagering. There is a great Progressive Jackpot and several Bonus Features, all adding to the pedigree of the game and the finished product. The game controls and buttons are useful and effective, and the betting is a fixed $1 per Spin, spread across all the Pay Lines. The screen allows monitoring of your account balance winnings and amounts wagered in a small box at the top of the screen, a useful tool without a doubt. The Spin Button commences the action, and the Up/Down, Bet and Auto Play Buttons are the main controls you will need. Other useful tools include the Help/Info Buttons which make the essential reading of rules, configurations, symbol values and a host of additional helpful information that you would do well to read before attempting to play the game; it could make the difference between winning and losing.

Symbols of Power - Scatter & Wild

The Symbols used in Medal Tally are a mixture of characters associated with sports. The Laurel Crown is the scatter symbol, and the Medal is the Wild Symbol. The Scatter Symbol: Laurel Crown, can give away Free Games by getting 3, 4, or 5 Scatter Symbols on any line. Then, you are awarded 10, 15, or even 20 Free Games, respectively. What's more, all your winnings during the Free Games Round are tripled. The Medal Wild Symbol can award very high cash payouts. If the Wild replaces 2, 3, 4 or 5 other Symbols on a line, then you stand to win 10, 200, 1,500 or as much as 10,000 times your wager amount. That is really awesome and a game changer.

Standard Symbols & Decent Payouts

The "lesser" Symbols still get decent payouts in their own right. The Runner Symbol pays out 5,000 for 5, 800 for 4 of a kind. The Cyclist Symbol pays 2,000 for 5 and 400 for 4 of a kind. Both The Swimmer and The Stadium get a payout of 1,500 for 5, 200 for 4 of a kind. Letters A and K get 800 and 100 respectively, and the Letters Q and J get 400 and 50 respectively. Even the lowest count and the numbers 9 and 10 win you 200 and 25 respectively. Getting 3 Symbols in a row will also earn you consolation prizes. Another (good) point to keep in mind is that getting combinations of Symbols, the payout is multiplied by the cash amount per line ($0.04).

Jackpot & Special Features

Medal Tally has a lot more to offer besides the usual features found in many Slot games. For instance, all medals collected receive Bonus Prizes which are added to your credit balance and awarded at the end of a game or Special Feature. The maximum amount that you are able to win, per spin is 40,000 times your bet per line. The Jackpot is won when 50 (or more) medals are collected during the Free Games feature.

Mobile Medal Tally

Medal Tally slots has a great mobile version that is really well-designed and stylish. It is fully compatible with all latest branded mobile devices and loads up super-fast onto your mobile phone, and tablet. The game works on all the latest operating systems, and branded devices like iOS, Android, and Windows. You can quickly download the game to your mobile device, or home computer, so you will quickly find it whenever you are in the mood to play. Another option is to play using Adobe Flash technology with Instant Play, where you just click on the game and play immediately without any waiting or downloading. The game works superbly on any mobile device, whichever optimum you choose. The graphics and intrinsic gameplay are all excellent on your mobile, plus you have the advantage of playing anywhere.


Just as sports personalities prepare for the sport diligently, patiently and resiliently, so must the player prepare for a game if he/she wants to win. It is precisely the same ideal and mentality that will encourage a win. A positive mindset is key, and practice makes perfect. Keep this strategic mentality, and you will win the Medal Tally and highest payout of 50,000 times your initial bet.