Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots combines the simplicity of a classic three reel and one payline slot titles with added features of modern slot machine games. Instead of just giving you a few non-feature payout options like many other classic titles do, this game also enriches your spinning experiences with free spins reward, a progressive jackpot win opportunity and even a wild icon. Don't miss out on this game if you want to keep it simple but exciting.

Special Features in the Game

Crazy Dragon Slots is not a regular classic slot title that only lets you make non-feature wins. For example, it has in fact a clever feature that lets you earn up to 20 free spins. The way to receive this reward is by placing three seperate parts of the dragon on the reels so that it becomes one complete dragon.

In addition, you can also spin two parts of the dragon on the reels in order to win five potentially profitable re-spins, and two re-spins are rewarded if you spin a single part. Other special features in this game are the yin yang symbol, which matches any non-feature symbol in the game, and the progressive jackpot reward, which you can win when you make 100 complimentary reel spins on a single wager.

Trigger Paytable Wins with Non-Feature

Besides the special feature icons, there are a few non-feature icons that you can spin into three piece symbols combinations in order to trigger wins. These symbols are the koi fish, the firecracker, the bonsai tree and the pagoda. From these icons, the koi fish pays you the most. It has a top payout of 3000 when you wager with three coins and land it on the single payline in a combination of three. Playing with three coins is important, because that will result in the best payout triggers.

Play Crazy Dragon Slots at RTG Online Casino

Crazy Dragon Slots is a creation from virtual slot title developer Realtime Gaming (RTG). It is on RTG powered casinos that you can find this classic slot machine game. Bring your coins and start to make those spins in the slot lair of a crazy dragon. This legendary creature is known for its love of treasures, so there is a good chance that you can find and claim valuable treasures when you find yourself in its presence.