Bonkers Slots

Bonkers Slots lets you go crazy with your spins in a classic style slot machine environment that nevertheless gives you the opportunity to make some extra feature cash wins. This three reel and one payline slot title is a creation from casino software developer Realtime gaming (also known as RTG). It lets you make decent wins, and you can trigger plenty of free spins, as well as a high jackpot value reward. Start to activate the reels of this online slot machine today if you are looking to have a straightforward and fun gambling experience that puts nothing between you and your spins.

How to Make the Best of Your Bonkers Slots Spins

In order to make the best of your spins, you need to make sure that you always play with three coins, as that will open up the doors for you to make the highest possible wins. For example, if you land a combination of three red sevens on the reels with a three-coin bet, you will receive the paytable jackpot reward of 1200 credits.

Another great way to boost your wins with this game is via the special Bonkers reel attribute. Spin this symbol two times on the slot reels and you receive a special gift of three free spins. What's more, land three Bonkers symbols on the reels during a spin and you receive no less than ten free games. Keep in mind that you cannot trigger any re-spins while you are playing with free games. Lastly, you can make non-feature payouts with various bar symbols (single, double and triple).

Get Ready to Go Completely Bonkers with Your Spins

Are you ready to go completely bonkers with your spins and wins? Then you might want to try Realtime Gaming's Bonkers Slots on RTG casino websites. Give this game your full attention if you are into classic slot machine games and want to take a step back in time without missing out on the modern slot title free game benefits. In addition, this is also a suitable game for if you are a new player who likes to take it easy before diving into the more complex slot machines on the internet. Bonkers Slots lets you concentrate on your spins instead of distracting features, so make sure you spin those reels a lot in order to win a lot.