Meerkat Misfits Slots

Meerkat Misfits is an amusing slot, making the most of the cute little animals along the way. Will you find plenty of action, potential, and prizes if you decide to give it a try? There are some fascinating tweaks here that set it apart from many other animal-themed slots, and since meerkats rarely turn up in slot games, we think it’s worth checking out to see them in their glory here.

Reels and paylines in action in Meerkat Misfits

The game begins with five reels in action, and there are 30 fixed lines to contend with as well. Make sure you’re happy with the fixed format before you begin.

Sort out your betting options via the demo game

This is an easy way to get a feel for how far your budget will go. The smallest total bet is 30 cents, making this a penny slot.

How about four wild meerkats to start things off?

Every reel except for the first has its own wild meerkat that might appear there. Each one has its own multiplier value, too. A fifth meerkat can pop up as a scatter icon. This points toward the potential to collect some free games since that’s the message on the outside.

How many free games might you find in Meerkat Misfits?

Three scatters will unlock seven games, with a 1x base multiplier to start. A retrigger means you will receive eight games, and the starting multiplier for the wild is 2x.

Triggering the spins on a third occasion will award you nine freebies with 3x wild multipliers. So, you can guess that a fourth trigger will take you up to 10 games to play, along with 4x wilds on prizes won involving those icons.

What did we think about the Meerkat Misfits?

They all look rather cute – just like real meerkats do. We haven’t seen them in many (if any) slots, so it’s nice to see them here. See what you make of the Meerkat Misfits if you decide to check out this title. With a practice version readily accessible, you can consider your bets and think about whether you would like to play it for real.